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Captain Ken Baruch

Captain Ken Baruch

Enthusiasm, dedication and angling expertise are the keys to Captain Ken Baruch's successful charters.

The Daiwa Pacific has been owned and operated by Ken and Jayne Baruch since 1985. They take pride in their profession, value their patrons and aim to please.

The professional and knowledgeable crew cater to all, from the avid fisherman to the eager first-time.

Ken's reputation for 'finding the fish' can make your dreams of catching 'the big one' a reality.

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  • 60' x 17'  - Sleeps 24
  • Comfortable, Modern Galley
  • All the Latest Electronics
  • 2 Ton Refrigerated Fish Hold
  • 11 Knot Cruising Speed
  • Color TV, DVD, VCR
  • 300 DVD's to choose from
  • 3-Well Bait Tank - New larger capacity
  • Fish Filleting and Photos
  • Superb Galley Selection, Quality and Quantity
  • Special Menus available Upon Request
  • No Crew Fishing
  • Family Owned and Operated

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Or contact us direct at 858-552-0244

Daiwa Pacific Crew

Peter Larry Rob Karen Joe

Contact us direct at 858-552-0244 (858-552-0264-fax)
or through H&M Landing at 619-222-1144
Baruch's Sportfishing, Inc.
5905 Agee Street, San Diego, CA 92122

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